Our Course is the culmination of years of trading experience condensed and is tailor made that whether you are a complete beginner or have previous experience it will still provide extreme value and give you a detailed understanding of our way of trading.

Our course does not only teaches you all of our trading secrets and strategies,it also teaches you the importance of psychology and how to treat your personal trading like a business if you want to see lasting results. In addition, this course is designed to turn beginner with little to no knowledge into an independent trader . By the end of this course, you will have a very good understanding of the forex market, analyse the chart, understand how to spot trading opportunities and enter your own trades.


-Kabir Aman

After wasting so much money paying for signals and all this fake forex gurus on internet. I am happy to have paid for forexlyfe course. This course is what everyone needs, the course is well detailed from beginner to advanced and the help I have been able to get from Ray is just amazing. Best forex course out there


This a very good course. I can't believe how easy it was. After completion of this course, I am able to do my own analysis. Thanks Guys.


Best decision ever! Still learning but it's about understanding. So am glad I did.